about Us


Sovereign Cymbals was founded by Daniel R. Martinez in 2016 in a small city named Modesto, CA . Daniel R. Martinez has always been a passionated drummer and that passion has been burning in him since he was 8 yrs old. He began learning just by ear, at his local church which gave him the opportunity to grow in his newly found talent. He grew up in a Gospel influenced community, where he grew up admiring the Greatest Gospel Drummer Joel E. Smith which to say the least is now a Signature Endorsed Artist and has collaberated in the making of his signature line along with many more talented Drummers. Being a Christian drummer all his life allowed him to understand the sound and style many drummers looked for. He always dreamed of owning a cymbal company, and always said "One day I will be able to have my own Cymbal company" He now owns the fast growing cymbal company called Sovereign Cymbals, and has a roster of a talented endorsed Gospel Artist. Sovereign Cymbals is proud to say that we are now the official vendor for The Potter's House a megachurch in Dallas, Texas, United States founded by T. D. Jakes, who is ranked the 10th Largest church in the USA by Outreach Magazine. 

Sovereign Cymbals caters to all Artist who are looking for a unique yet exciting sound that defines who they are as Artist. Sovereign Cymbals has given many cymbal packs to small growing churches who are not able to invest in Cymbals at the moment, Daniel R. Martinez understands that need and has experienced it first hand, thus the reason for his low pricing. Sovereign Cymbals enjoys blessing drummers and small churches and has done many giveaways to give back some of the blessing he has been blessed with. Sovereign Cymbals would like to welcome you to their fast growing family and are excited to serve you in any way possible.